The Paul Podcasts

An exciting & unique podcast serial based upon the life & letters of St. Paul

Under house arrest in Rome, Paul attempts to compose a letter to the church with the help of his trusty scribe…

As they talk, the audience are taken on exhilarating journey through the Book of Acts, meet a host of colourful characters, and hear Paul begin to come up with the ideas that will form the basis of his greatest writings.

Funny, dynamic, theatrical, timeless, unexpected & inspirational – ‘The Letter’ powerfully brings to life the life & teachings of St Paul for today.

‘The Paul Podcasts’ were written by Mike Peacock. They were recorded at UCB studios in Stoke, UK and  performed by members of Rhema Theatre Company.


Click here to listen to Episode One

For all other episodes in Season 1 and full episode guide, click here.

We are currently fundraising to make Season 2.  If you’d like to help make that happen, please click here.

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