Organised Crime Prevention

Secondary Schools Projects with local authorities

We have recently worked with Greater Manchester Police, Salford Council and Crimestoppers on a new project for Secondary Schools, ‘Stand Up For Salford’ creating theatre awards for students to produce their own piece of theatre to ‘Stand Up’ for their area highlighting areas of organised crime and awareness building. We are available for more projects in your area.

Anti-Trafficking Theatre

In 2015 we produced a play on human-trafficking ‘The It’s Not Fair!’ which has been a powerful tool in educating the general public and secondary schools on this issue. It is still available for national tour. Click here to watch a trailer.

Anti-trafficking film

With sister film company, Peacock Productions, we have produced a short film on anti-trafficking called ‘Alicija’ and are in pre-production for a sequel. Aged 15+ Click here for more information.

Your own film/ theatre piece written for you

We are available to write and produce theatre and film on issues of justice and crime prevention. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Organisations that we’ve worked with on organised crime prevention/ human trafficking are…

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