The Letter

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 09.49.41The Letter. An inspiring play on national tour about the life and letters of St. Paul.The Letter poster front jpeg3

AD50. A mysterious stranger arrives in the town. As he unpacks his bags, he begins to tell a tale…a tale that will span across every nation and every generation of the earth. The Letter tells the story of the life of St. Paul – his hopes, his struggles, his adventures and his wisdom. A man of passion, a man of prayer, a man for whom the riches of the world are nothing compared to the treasures of heaven. A kingdom not only worth living for.. but worth dying for, too.

With their own unique blend of music, physical theatre and comedy, Rhema Theatre Company weaves together tales old and new to tell the story of God’s people – their triumphs and mistakes. The Letter is a story of passion, of grace and a calling to live life to the full.

This re-booted and re-packaged version of The Letter is a powerful message of unity and is an enchanting blend of storytelling, puppetry and music!

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Where? A venue near you, your own church sanctuary, church hall, school, theatre or arts centre. The Performance Space needed is only 5 metres x 5 metres

Price? Either £650 or £350 plus a percentage of ticket sales -if indeed selling tickets. The whole fee can be made back through ticket sales if marketed well. Or contact us to organise a tailor made arrangement.

Bookings/Enquires?  Phone Becky on 07970 965 216 / Email:

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*Feedback from our 2005/6 national tour of The Letter please click here

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